If you need a repair, you can contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 07918 697800.

How Urgent Is Your Repair?

Whenever you contact us for a repair, we will tell you how urgent the repair is and when someone will come to fix the fault. If your repair is not an emergency, you can book an appointment for it to be fixed.


Emergency repairs are faults that are a risk to your health or could damage your home, such as;

  • A serious leak
  • Loss of heating in winter; or
  • No working toilet

We aim to complete emergency repairs within 24 hours. Subject to parts being available.

If the situation is dangerous, we aim to come to your home within 4-6 hours. Examples of repairs classified as dangerous include;

  • Loss of electricity in the whole property; and
  • A toilet that is back surging sewage (sewage is coming out of the toilet from the wastepipe).

Urgent Repairs

These are repairs that we donít class as an emergency, but we still consider urgent. Examples include:

  • A blocked sink, bath or basin; or
  • Loss of electricity in one room

We aim to complete urgent repairs within four working days. Subject to parts being available.

Routine Repairs

These are the most common types of repairs. We aim to complete routine repairs within 30 working days. Routine repairs are for faults that do not cause a risk to your health, or extensive damage to your home. Examples of routine repairs are:

  • A dripping tap in the kitchen or bathroom;
  • Damaged tiles which do not cause leaks (in the kitchen or bathroom); or
  • Damaged woodwork which does not cause a risk to your health and safety.